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Stress Mastery Courses

A broad base of knowledge is the key to success with stress. Advance your stress management skills with these highly customizable workshops by Dr. Michael Olpin. Complete 6 Stress Mastery classes to earn the Stress Mastery Certificate.

Workshop 1 – Understand the Root Cause of ALL Your Stress

Once you learn the real source of your stress and start learning tools to prevent your stress. you start on the road to stress-free living.

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You probably think stress is inevitable, that the world is stressful, and there’s nothing you can do to change either. Most people think  stress happens to you like a virus or bacteria.

In this workshop, Dr. Olpin explores the reality of all of our stress as he busts the myth that there’s nothing you can do to reduce or even prevent stress.

Once you understand how stress really happens, you immediately get a foothold on doing something about it.

In this workshop, you’ll also understand why up to 90% of the ills and maladies of today have a stress component — stress makes them worse. You’ll be motivated to make positive changes to improve your health.

Workshop 2 – Stress Prevention


Preventing Stress is the smartest approach to gaining mastery over stress. Learn the powerful prevention skills so you can eliminate stress from your life.

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In this workshop, you learn how to control stress from a cognitive level. Stress ultimately starts with our thoughts.

When you figure out the type of thoughts that activate stress and the way of thinking that prevents stress, you gain real control over stress — you prevent it from happening at all.

Workshop 3 – Mindfulness – The Master Stress Management Skill

Once you’ve learned the power of living in the moment, everything changes … for the better. Mindfulness is the heart of everything related to stress mastery.

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You’ve probably heard a lot these days about mindfulness; it’s being talked about everywhere.

Unfortunately, you’ve never really learned what mindfulness is or how to be mindful all the time. 

When you learn how to be mindful, everything changes: You experience everything more deeply, you perform better at everything, your relationships improve, you enjoy each moment as it happens.

Mindfulness is a game-changer!

Workshop 4 – How to Meditate


A chaotic mind is a scattered mind. A still mind is a productive mind. Learn the simple skill that brings stillness and peace

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Meditation isn’t some strange practice that yogis do for 20 years before they notice a difference in their stress.  Meditation is  powerful practice of quieting the mind, deeply relaxing the body, and waking you up so you can do everything you want to do with new levels of enjoyment and focus.

And you notice the effects the very first time you meditate.

People who meditate get sick less frequently; they age more slowly; everything feels more relaxed.

Once you’ve finished this meditation workshop, you’ll be an expert at the easy skill of meditation.

Workshop 5 – Stress Reduction

For many, the most important thing they can do to benefit their health and feel some sense of control over their well-being, is to learn how to turn off their chronic stress.

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If you have many or any symptoms of stress – headaches, muscle pain, health problems, difficulty sleeping, emotional challenges, or any other sickness that’s caused by too much stress, this is the workshop for you.

Learn what works (and what doesn’t) to turn off your stress — experience how it feels to be in balance, calm, and relaxed.

When you finish this workshop, you will have a whole toolbox of tools that work to turn off your stress, anytime, anywhere. 

And once you turn off your stress, your symptoms of stress also go away.


Workshop 6 – Self-Talk & the Subconscious Mind


Our consistent dominant thoughts become our realities. The subconscious mind is always listening to our thoughts and working to make us what we tell ourselves who we are.

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Our dominant thoughts become our realities. In this workshop, we focus on how we work with our subconscious mind to gain control over this process.

More than 95% of the things we do each day happen below conscious levels — from eating and taking care of ourselves to how we heal from a cut or scrape. The subconscious mind is the force, the engine that makes most things happen.

We habitually say things to ourselves about ourselves; our self-talk happens without our conscious mind taking much notice. If our consistent thoughts are mean or degrading, the subconscious goes to work creating those realities. For example, if our thoughts are consistently fearful or depressing, we find ourselves feeling afraid or depressed.

In this workshop, you learn how to work with the subconscious mind so you can rise above the habits that keep you stuck. 

Workshop 7 – Empathy

Empathy is the master relationship skill. In any relationship, personal or professional, knowing how to be empathic can mean the difference between a long-lasting relationship and one that struggles to survive.

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When we understand what the other person’s needs, desires, and challenges are, we are in a better position to help.

In this workshop, you learn when and how to use empathy.

Empathy is all about being a good listener. You may think you are a good listener, but by the end of this workshop, you will surprise yourself how much better your listening skills can become.


Workshop 8 – Peak Performance


People who function at optimum levels consistently do a few things that set them apart from everyone else. Learn what Olympic athletes and top performing business executives do to perform at maximum levels.

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Peak Performers aren’t gifted or more talented than any else. They simply do specific things in specific ways consistently.

In this workshop, you will learn the five peak performing behaviors, how to incorporate them easily into your daily life, and how to train others to do the same.

Whether you are a business person, an athlete, an artist, a coach, or anyone else who wants to perform at your peak, or help others, this is the workshop for you.

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