Back to School Stress? Here’s a free gift for your kids

Back to School Stress? Here’s a free gift for your kids

Back to school stress?

Back to school brings with it excitement, new opportunities, challenges, and  . . . . stress.

Here are some ideas on how to minimize the anxiety that naturally comes with the beginning of a new school year.


  1. Understand that most stress and anxiety occur when there is “fear of the unknown”

Many times, when people don’t know what to expect, they tend to fear what is coming. That turns on stress. This is especially significant in kids, who don’t have a lot of life experience to pull from to boost their confidence in new situations.

  2. Let your kids express their feelings

You don’t necessarily need to agree with what they are feeling. You may even think they are being a bit dramatic, but they don’t need to know that.

What they need to know is that you have their back. So just listen. If they feel understood, they will feel better.

  3. Give them some downtime

Families today tend to be over-scheduled and that can create over-stimulated, tired, stressed-out kids. Give your kids constructive tools to reduce their stress.

Tools for Success

Our 11-year-old son loves the Power Nap. Even though he doesn’t understand the physiology of anxiety, he knows when he is stressed and afraid. The Power Nap interrupts that physiology, relaxes him, and helps him feel back in balance where he is better able to handle what’s going on in his life.

He just feels better.

We want your kids to feel better and have a great start to the school year, so here is a gift for you — a free Power Nap guided relaxation audio download.

Power Nap thumbnail

Try it with your kids, and you will feel better too!

Best Wishes!

Dr. Olpin in the Media

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