The Dimensions of Health and Wellness

The Dimensions of Health and Wellness

Article Highlights

  • Health is a state of complete well-being, not just the absence of disease
  • The six dimensions of health include physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual and environmental
  • People who are balanced in one aspect of health usually enjoy positive improvements in other dimensions as well

On the first day of class every semester, I would usually ask the students, “What is a healthy person?”

Typically, I get answers like, someone who exercises, eats right, is thin, has good hygiene, gets enough sleep, doesn’t do drugs, has nice skin, is in shape, isn’t sick, is tan, isn’t overweight, someone who has lots of energy.


Did you notice something about all of these responses?

They all have to do with a person’s physical health. That is usually what people think of when they think of health, but there are other aspects to a healthy person.

What else is a healthy person?