Coping with Stress? Cheat on Your Diet.

Coping with Stress? Cheat on Your Diet.

Article Highlights

  • When restrictions are placed on foods, those are the foods you focus on
  • Restricting calories leads to a rise in cortisol – a stress hormone
  • Irregular cortisol levels can also alter blood sugar and metabolism which leads to weight gain

“That which you resist, tends to persist” – and gets bigger.

Ever noticed that the longer you battle a craving, the stronger it gets?

Suddenly, the thought of a satisfying piece of chocolate becomes the uncontrollable urge to eat the whole bag.


A recent study showed this result when they asked three groups of female college students to think about chocolate, avoid thinking about chocolate, or think about whatever they wanted.

Guess who ended up eating the most chocolate?

Yep, it was the group that tried to avoid thinking about it.1 chocolate