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My Goal: Help You Find Balance in Your Life

We are on this journey together. 

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Experience Balance

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Stress Management Coaching


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Meet Dr. Olpin

Dr. Michael Olpin, a stress management expert, has helped thousands of people including athletes, business leaders, community groups, and students of all ages through his trainings, classes, books, digital media, college textbooks, and professional workshops and online app. He is a professor, best-selling author, wellness coach, and founder and director of the Stress Relief Center. 

Based on over 30 years of research and teaching university Stress Management courses, Dr. Olpin has discovered exactly what works to remove stress from people’s lives.


People Helped So Far

Business and individuals across the world have used Dr. Michael Olpin’s Products to gain peace, balance, peak performance, and release their stress. With products catering to personal and business use it’s never been easier to gain access to content that won’t just manage your stress, but stop it from happening in the first place.

Life Changing

Many people think that they can’t do much about their stress. What you’ll learn here, is that it is easier than you think to live without stress.


As soon as you start, you’ll feel more balanced, more productive, more relaxed, and more peaceful.


Everything here are powerful ways to reduce your stress levels based on proven scientific research that has already worked for thousands of people.


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